25 June 2019  
Australia Accommodation Listing Australia Accommodation Listing Australia Accommodation Listing Australia Accommodation Listing Australia Accommodation Listing Australia Accommodation Listing
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    How To -- Post A Listing To Australia Accommodation Listing
    To post a new listing to Australia Accommodation Listing, you must first be a registered user. User registration is easy and quick. Simply click on the New User Registration Link provided on the Login Form to enter the requested information. All user registration information is not posted to the web. The information which is typically posted is as follows:
    • Your User Nick Name
    • Your City and State
    • Optionally Your Phone Number
    While your email address is required to post an listing, it is never revealed to anyone responding to your listing unless you reply to a reply that someone has sent. Email addresses are not visible in the html code that displays your listing details.

    Selecting Listing
    Categories and
    The Australia Accommodation Listing is divided into major categories and then further into subcategories. You may only post a listing to one major category, but may post the same listing to a total of 1 subcategories. When you first begin to post a listing, you will be presented with the option to select which main category your listing will be posted. You are then presented with a list of available subcategories for that category. You should then place a checkmark in each of the subcategories, not exceeding the maximum allowed.
    Each listing will automatically expire after the period of you select for the listing duration. When posting a listing, you will have the option to select from a dropdown menu indicating the period of time you want your listing to remain on our system.
    After you have selected the where your listing is posted and for how long, you will then begin to enter your listing details. The listing details form will ask you to provide information about the listing you want to place. While it varies by category, you will always be asked to provide a "Headline" for your listing. This is the main topic that is displayed in listings and details when you listing is viewed. Different categories will have different required fields. To ad your listing you must complete all the fields which are designated as "required". You will not be able to proceed if these fields are left blank. All other fields may be completed as applicable to your specific listing.

    Once you have completed the listing details form, you will then be taken to a form which allows you to add a paragraph or two of details about the listing you are posted. This may include up to 65 words but may not contain any HTML code in the message.


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