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Driver Requirements

All drivers must have a full and eligible domestic or International license. All drivers must be aged between 23 years and 75 years of age. Special conditions apply for under 25 years. Licenses and passports of all persons intending to drive the vehicle will need to be produced before commencement of any rental.

Limitations of Use

Campervans and motorhomes cannot be driven on any form of dirt or unsealed roads. Campervans and motorhomes can only be driven on bitumen or sealed roads. Four wheel drive camper excepted.

Mechanical Breakdown

All vehicles are covered by a 24 hour a day Automobile Association breakdown service, entitling the renter to emergency road side mechanical assistance Australia wide. If abuse or negligence on the part of the renter results in a mechanical break down or problem, the renter will be responsible for all costs and losses incurred. It is the renter's responsibility to regularly maintain the vehicle's tyre pressures, oil level, and radiator water level.

Collection and Return of Vehicles

All vehicles must be picked up from or dropped off at the nominated and approved depot or agency, unless otherwise arranged.


Insurance costs are in addition to rental rates and are calculated on a daily basis. The renter must choose one of the following insurance options. The insurance options below are only for the coverage of your rental vehicle against a motor vehicle accident, fire or theft.

Motor Vehicle Reduction
Complete Cover
(*not available if driver is under 25 yrs)
Cost: $25 per day
 (Maximum cost $1,250 per rental)
Cost: $35 per day
(Maximum of $1,750 per rental)
Excess:$3,500 per claim
(*$3,500 if driver is under 25 yrs)
Excess: $500
CDW does not cover windscreen or overhead damageComplete Cover insurance
does cover windscreen
and overhead damage

Please Note that Complete Cover or CDW does not cover tyre damage, intentional, neglectful or wilful damage, damage to the vehicles interior, immersion in water or any contact with salt water.

Quoted Costs

All costs and monetary amounts quoted within OnRoad Aussie Rentals' web site are in Australian Dollars $AUD. All effort is made to assure accuracy of information, but changes do occur and all information on this site including prices are subject to change without notice.

Rental Calculations

The number of rental days is calculated on a calendar day basis. When a rental involves more than one rental season (as per our rate chart) the total rental cost will be calculated by the number of rental days in each rental season and the individual cost of those days. The day of commencement and completion of a rental is to be included regardless of the time of day of the pick-up or drop-off.

Deposits and Cancellations

A 30% Deposit is required at time of booking and are to be paid by Bank transfer into the respective foreign currency account. Whilst in Australia, the deposit can be paid at one of the depots. Credit card payments by Visa or Mastercard are accepted also. All charges made on credit cards will be made in $AUD, these charges will show on your credit card statement converted to your local currency. The balance is to be paid upon pick-up of the vehicle, along with the bonds.

Security Bond

A $ ($ if under 25 yrs) security bond must be in place with all vehicle rentals. The security bond is refundable after the completion of the rental pending that there are no outstanding costs.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

All our daily rental rates include Goods and Services Tax.

Government Taxes

Government taxes are to be added to all quoted rates. Currently, June 2000, a 2% stamp duty is applicable.

One Way Fee

If a rental is to finish in a different location to which it commenced, and dependent upon the locations involved, a " one way rental " fee will be applicable.

Other Costs

All our vehicles are supplied cleaned with all fuel and gas full. Once on the road, all other costs such as camp site fees are also at the renter's expense. All vehicles must be returned with fuel and gas refilled, toilet cassettes and waste water emptied, and in a reasonably clean condition all at the renter's expense, or additional costs will be imposed.


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